Monday, April 11, 2005

Where the Big Kids Play

Publisher's Lunch turned me on to the litblog co-op, a collective of the "leading literary weblogs" created "for the purpose of drawing attention to the best of contemporary fiction, authors and presses that are struggling to be noticed in a flooded marketplace."

Their mission: a quarterly selection of one underrepresented, literary jewel (i.e. a work of "serious fiction") to recommend to the blog-reading literary masses. Their goal: "serve notice to publishers and to the editors of book reviews and magazines that this audience exists."

Hey, anything that encourages publishers to take more risks and recognize the significant midlist readership constitutes a worthy endeavour, in my book. Read on, guys—over here, in our corner of the playground, we'll watch what the "leading literary weblogs" get up to.

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Chayush said...


May I suggest that you take a course in English composition to brush up on correct writing? You say you get mad when you see errors, but you have several of them:
1. Grammar, not grammer
2. "So far I got find a job like a book store . ." Try, "So far, I have got to find a job like one in a book store.", not collage
4.helpful, not helpfull

Best of luck,
Vivien from Ohio