Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Comma Mines: Extracts and Dispatches

Once again, I'm down in the comma mines. These days, I'm pumping the raw prose through the initial processing stages.

While I'm trapped down here, ensuring a steady flow of prose and ideas through the cogs, I'll send dispatches and extracts for the amusement of any loyal readers.

Fact-checking: The Big Leagues

Fact-checking is one of my favourite editorial tasks. I'm a born arguer, hole-poker, thread-picker, and generally an argumentative, cranky person. I'm pretty pleased when I find a hero who drives away in a car that didn't go into production until three years after the date of the novel, or if I notice that a female, Victorian character has neglected to put her shoes on before lacing her corset. It seems, though that I might just be a minor-league fact-catcher. These guys sound like the big leagues.

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