Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Upcoming Appearances

Yours truly will be representing the 'umble freelance editor on Saturday, May 28, at the Writers' Union of Canada conference at a panel entitled "A Carnival of
Commas: Dispatches from the Grammar Wars," with Alison Gordon, Russell Smith, and moderator Doug Gibson.

Next weekend, they're shaking the comma dust off me, and we're going to wander the halls with the throngs at BookExpo.

The weekend after, I'll be speaking in defense of some of my favourite hobgoblin-fodder at the Editors' Association of Canada conference, back in Toronto.

After that, I'll be back in the punctuation pits, again, feeding unrefined prose to the processors.

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jennie said...

Thanks! URL fixed and comments enabled. Blogger and I were having issues when I posted that. We seem to have resolved our differences now.